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Offering natural and historical beauties together, Antalya is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and of course the first thing that comes to mind is Antalya. Alanya, 132 kilometers from Antalya city center, is one of the most popular districts of the southern coast of our country. Alanya, which is home to indescribable natural beauties with the advantage of being built on the shores of the Mediterranean, is also a must-see in the list of places to see before you die with its thousands of years of history. Alanya is a paradise full of holiday options, let's not forget that.

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One of the first places that come to mind when Alanya is mentioned is of course the castle of the same name. Alanya Castle is one of the most important symbols of the district. With its 6.5 kilometers of walls and a height of 250 meters from the sea, Alanya Castle is one of the must-see places of the district. The castle, built by Seljuk ruler Alaeddin Keykubat in 1221, is sure to leave a fascinating impression on you.

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Kizilkule in the harbor of Alanya is one of the buildings identified with Alanya. The tower, which was built by Alaeddin Keykubat in 1226, is considered as an octagonal structure and one of the most important architectural works of the Seljuks. Each wall is 12.5 meters wide and is one of the symbols of Alanya tower, you should visit the harbor of Alanya.

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Alanya Museum is located in Saray district of the district. In addition to the historical monuments of Alanya and its region, the museum is open for twelve months of the year. In addition to the interior of the museum, Islamic, Roman and Byzantine stone inscriptions are on display in the garden. The museum opens at 08.00 in summer and closes at 19.00. The museum opened at 08.00 between November and March and closes at 17.00. It is also closed during the winter season on Mondays.

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Alanya Ataturk House and Museum The house was opened to visitors as Atatürk House and Museum since 1987 when Atatürk was rested for a few hours when he came to Alanya during his Mediterranean cruise on the Aegean ferry in 1935 and then he was donated by the owner Rıza Azakoğlu to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In addition to being a place where Atatürk spends time, the fact that the building is a typical Alanya structure makes Alanya a different place to visit. The museum is open to visitors every day between 08.30-17.30. When choosing from hotels in Alanya we recommend you choose the facilities that are close to the attractions.

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One of the most important natural beauties of Antalya, Damlataş cave Alanya is located in 2. The cave, which is 3 kilometers away from the city center of Alanya, was discovered by chance in 1948, and the cave, which has a charming view with countless stalagmites and stalactites, was taken under protection immediately after its discovery. Turkey's first cave opened up to tourism with also be a feature specious cave also has a reputation due to arrive in good asthma. Damlataş cave Alanya is a unique natural value that should always be listed first in the list of places to visit.

Located 40 kilometers from Alanya city center, Sapadere canyon is one of the most important natural beauties of Alanya. There is also a restaurant in the 750-meter-long canyon where the waterfalls spilled form a spectacular view. Sapadere Canyon is definitely a paradise especially for those who enjoy nature trips.

Although not as famous as the Damlataş cave, the Dim cave in the east of Alanya is a must-see natural wonder. The total length of the cave is 410 meters and 360 meters of the cave is open to visitors. You can go to this cave by car or take a pleasant walk for about an hour from the center of Alanya.

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