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Bogazkent of Antalya has a very important feature that distinguishes it from other parts of the Mediterranean Region, which is the regulation of this region with the least effort to intervene in the balance of natural life. So it seems much cleaner and untouched compared to other places in Belek. It really is, and it gives him a distinct beauty. Although it is a small town in the town of Serik, the population grows at a time due to the intense interest it receives in summer months. We have made a list of places to see for those who wish to explore Belek, which is a fascinating place with its sheltered natural life, historical beauties, fresh air of pine and eucalyptus trees.

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The Garden of Religions, one of the symbolic centers of Belek, which has three major religions together and brotherly, has been embracing everyone for hundreds of years by combining three different religions. The mosque, the church and the synagogue all open to the same garden and everyone can freely worship in the same place. Add the Garden of Religions, where every special day and feast is celebrated, where cultures fuse, to the top of your list of places to see in Belek.

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The most important historical structure of the region is Aspendos Theater. Aspendos is a huge theater in ancient times with a capacity of 15.000 people. The most pleasing feature is that it is still in use.

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Perge Ancient City; When you reach Perge district, follow the long road covered with mosaics and you will find the ancient city of Perge. The ancient city, which belongs to the Hellenistic period, is a sightseeing point that should never be missed when you come to Belek. You can visit the ancient baths, the acropolis and the agora, which once used to be the capital of Pamphylia, in Perge.

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Kurşunlu Waterfall; One of the striking natural beauties of Belek is Kurşunlu Waterfall. It is an exciting discovery point with its hidden cave, which can be reached under the clean waters. The waterfall is still home to more than a hundred bird species. If you want to witness one of the fascinating works of nature, be sure to visit the peaceful atmosphere of Kurşunlu Waterfall.

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Silyon Ancient City; Silyon Antique City is one of the best protected ancient cities in the world. It still deserves to be seen with its Byzantine structures, tower and gate, which still retain their former form. You will notice that the ancient city, which was established on the Kochisar Hill in Serik, is very different from the other ancient settlements.

Golf Courses ; Another area where Bogazkent is famous is golf courses, of course. Turkey's greatest golf courses in Belek which hosts tournaments you can also capture periods. If you are interested in this sport, you will be more than satisfied with the outstanding golf courses set in the perfect view of Belek.

Bogazkent is one of the most important tourism spots of our country. It is so in the foreground that most people think it is a separate district. But this is a neighborhood in the district of Antalya Serik. This neighborhood, established by the merger of two villages, offers tourists one of the most different holiday opportunities in Antalya. Antalya Belek, with its modern structure, shopping opportunities, golf facilities in the region, nature and other elements, fascinates tourists. Another important advantage is that it is only 1 km from the sea. The shores of memory are extremely clean and are considered one of the city's special areas for swimming. With all these features, it should be known that it makes a significant contribution to the national economy.

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