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The county was founded on the Mediterranean coast of Antalya, one of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations Kemer and its popularity continues for decades. Located 40 kilometers from the center of Antalya, Kemer has a deep-rooted historical past like all of Antalya. The history of the district dates back to 690 BC. Of course, Kemer is a rare holiday region not only with its historical values but also with its natural beauty which is legendary. Kemer, at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, where the sea meets the forest, invites you as a holiday town where you can experience all the beauties of nature with all these features at the same time and make you dizzy with its historical richness. Kemer hotels are among the most preferred hotels in Antalya.

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In the first place of the list of places to visit Kemer, of course, the ancient city of Phaselis, which was founded 16 kilometers west of the district. Founded by Rhodesian people before Christ, the city has long been one of the most important ports of Lycia. Phaselis has four harbors; Solar port, North port, War port and South port. The street passing through the middle of the ancient city and reaching 24 meters in width is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent parts of Phaselis. Shops are lined up on both sides of the street and the promenades are still visible. Phaselis can also be seen in many ancient buildings such as theaters, hamalar and agora. As a result of the earthquake, part of the city shifted to the sea. For this reason, swimming on the ruins of the old town while swimming in Phaselis is a fascinating feeling in the true sense of the word. In the meantime, some buildings in the ancient city 1. It is also said that it is dated to the 19th century. So when you go to Kemer, you should never return without seeing the ancient city of Phaselis.

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As we said at the beginning of our Kemer article, Göynük canyon is a wonderful holiday destination where nature and history meet and one of the most amazing natural beauties. As the name suggests, the Göynük canyon in Göynük, a town of Kemer, is 4.5 kilometers long. Göynük Canyon, which covers a large part of the Lycian Way, which is among the most important trekking trails in the world, is a place where you can do activities like paintball as well as trekking. Goynuk canyon is a 45-minute walk from the center of Goynuk or you can reach the city by car.

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One of the most interesting places you can visit in Kemer is undoubtedly Yörük Park. Yörük Park, which is a folkloric open-air museum, is located in the center of the district behind the yacht marina. Especially if you are interested in historical and authentic places, Yörük Park is a place to say. You can relax in the Yörük tent, you can have a delicious meal with Yörükler's delicious pastry and you can have a chance to take a closer look at the Yörük culture with the ethnography museum.

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Yes, we have come to Kemer, which is one of the most beautiful spots among the places to visit Beydağları Coast National Park. The region, which was declared a national park in 1972, is located in Çıralı of Kemer and is a part of this national park in Olympos, one of the most popular spots of Kemer. 25 of the 1000 plant species found in the Beydağları National Park, which is particularly fascinating with its flora, is endemic, so it is unique here. It is also an area rich in animal diversity; school, hedgehog, bear, wolf, such as now in our country has gone to extinction of many animal species living within the borders of this national park. For nature lovers, we have no doubt that one of Kemer's most exciting spots will be this magnificent national park.

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Tahtali Mountain, located in the southwest of Kemer district, is so beautiful that we have to admit that we had difficulty finding the words to tell. Tahtalı Mountain or Olympos is located within the borders of Beydağları National Park and there are ruins of Hellenistic ruins on the slopes of the mountain. You will certainly enjoy every second you spend on Tahtali Mountain. Because it is a very beautiful place and because of the abundance of oxygen your lungs will feast with the full meaning of the word.

There are many magnificent bays and beaches in Kemer center and Kemer resorts. Kemer beaches offer great facilities for holidaymakers. Approximately 35 km from Kemer. Olympos, an ancient Lycian ancient city, is a must-see with its magnificent nature, history, beach and tree houses.

Tahtali Mountain is located on the coastline of Kemer and is the highest point of the region close to the sea with a height of 2365 meters. You can go to the popular Tahtali Mountain with the cable car from Olympos and enjoy the magnificent view here. Phaselis Ruins and Museum Approximately 12 km from Kemer. Phaselis, an ancient Lycian ancient city located in Tekirova, is one of the must-see places with its magnificent nature, ruins, history and beach.

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