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Turkey's holiday in our country as well as one of the most popular destinations in the world, arguably the most popular region of Antalya, which also has a reputation with the Manavgat waterfall. Manavgat Hotels are especially preferred with easy transportation facilities. Manavgat, which is also the second largest district of Antalya, manages to attract thousands of local and foreign tourists every year as a perfect combination of thousands of years of history with a unique nature. Historical records BC. Manavgat is a holiday destination that everyone should definitely see from the 6th century onwards. Manavgat is so rich in terms of places to visit that we have compiled the most visited and seen places of this magnificent district for you.

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Side Antique Theater, which is located within the boundaries of Manavgat, dates back to the 2nd century AD and Roman architecture was built in principle. A.D. In the 5th century, chapels were added to the theater and used for worship. One of the most remarkable places to see in Manavgat Side Antique Theater, you will feel yourself beamed up thousands of years ago and you will be fascinated with the unique aura of this historical area.

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Located in the Mediterranean region is 5.kalabalık Antalya city of Turkey. Antalya is located between the regions and districts to be discovered in Turkey. Antalya is the most famous tourism city and it is a city which is influenced by local and foreign tourists especially in summer seasons. Manavgat Places to visit Most of the ancient city is the title of the city. Since Antalya is a tourism city, it has also improved in terms of accommodation. It varies in terms of hotels, pensions and rental houses. Since the city has also developed in terms of entertainment life; bars, restaurants, clubs. Manavgat is the largest district of the district and 4 km away from the waterfall. It is full of historical monuments, ancient cities, beaches, museums, caves, natural and historical beauties.

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Manavgat is connected to the province of Antalya and is the second largest district of Antalya. The northern part of Manavgat is completely surrounded by the Taurus Mountains. The beach is covered with sand. Things to Do in Manavgat The climate in Manavgat is Mediterranean climate; summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy. Although the date of establishment of the district cannot be given a clear date, it dates back to the 6th century BC. Manavgat Waterfall in Turkey in the regular flowing stream of titles instantly.

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Getting to know Manavgat Manavgat is 60 km away from the center and it is a region that gives its name to the national park. Taurus mountains are covered with larch, pine, cedar and cypress trees. Cypress forest is unique in the world. The district is rich in archaeological artifacts. Side Ancient city and theater, rock tombs and other ruins are also famous. Kargı Han, a Seljuk monument, is the most famous ruin.

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Although the history of Manavgat dates back to the 6th century BC, it takes place in the pages of history as a settlement. It was home to temporary settlements until the Seljuk period. It became a district since 1914 with the Ottoman rule. Manavgat Places to Visit At first it was named as Manav and then it started to be used as Manavgat.

Economy in Manavgat Manavgat district is suitable for agriculture and has made progress in this area. Places to see in Manavgat The district has gained importance in cattle and ovine livestock. Alanya Manavgat Nightlife In addition to agricultural labor, fruit production has also increased remarkably, especially in the production of cherries and walnuts. Industrial development in the district is out of the question and the weight continues to be based on vegetable growing and agriculture. Another source of income in the economy is tourism.

Manavgat waterfall is the biggest value when it is mentioned. Must be seen. It is a region that is flocked by local and foreign tourists with its impressive appearance, meeting with the sea flowing from a high place. In terms of tourism, Manavgat is a significant source of income. Places to see in Manavgat Activities for the guests coming to the waterfall, different possibilities are offered to be a remarkable place especially for day trips. The effect of the mountains on the formation of Manavgat waterfalls is great. The water accumulated from the mountains progresses and casts down to 4 thousand meters. Manavgat Waterfall around the wonderful photo frames, the taste of tea, coffee, the taste of food is another.

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